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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the drama of redneck neighbors

feeling better. already. so is davey. i don't understand what the deal is, it was like a 12 hour flu, i dunno. i hate sickness. oh yes, i do hate it.

so anyways, i was just out throwing a ball around in the backyard with davey and my mom and i heard the neighbor about 4 doors down swearing at someone, all, "you shut the fuck up, get your fucking ass out here, open the fucking door bitch." this is a house where preschool age children live. we looked down the yards and saw he was sitting there on their kids' swings or whatever. when he got up, i noticed it was the flubby redneck dude that apparently does not own a shirt.

then the dude dropped trou right there, in the yard, then pulled them back up. my mom told me this, since i had my back to him, and turned around to see him pulling his shorts back up over his pastey redneck ass.

what the FUCK, dude, is it so hard to act like a normal human being?

everytime i see him he is without a shirt with his beer gut hanging out, wearing some stank-ass looking cutoff jean shorts and swearing like a retard in front of the neighborhood kids. and they park their ratty looking pickup truck in their yard. ghaaaa.


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