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Monday, May 09, 2005

fire in the disco, fire in the taco bell

no, not really a fire. those are the lyrics that won't leave my head today. i think i'm going to add Danger! High Voltage! by Electric 6 to my here soon. i can't stop the boogie. oh, yeeeah.

yesterday didn't turn out so bad. i ended up ordering pizza, watching x files reruns and vegging. HA! that totally beats flowers. hands down!

i meant to wake up and write my dream down in it's entirety, but i had to discipline the davey, who had locked every door in the house and kicked a cup of milk down the stairs. after which he had the nerve to demand to watch the lion king video RIGHT NOW. *surpressing...rage...*

:: jenny's rather abbreviated dream sequence ::

um. something about rafts and pirates, and um... i think the plan was to start at virginia beach and just...raft to brazil. but it was ok, because i had a pirate with me. i'm pretty sure it was johnny depp. and then we stopped in this town where there was a hostage situation going on with small children involved, and i went in and saved one of them.

ghaaaa, the rest is gone.

:: end of rather abbreviated dream sequence ::

remembering the rest of the dream might have made it make a little more sense. or not. oh, well.

but YAY today's already looking up, because i just got my tax refund in the mail. cha-ching.

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