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Sunday, September 24, 2006

she's back

ok, wow, it's almost as if i forgot i had a blog...

i got at job (YAY) about a month ago, working nights at a hotel. it's the easiest job in existance. i do my work and i still manage to have time to watch conan o'brien and a couple movies, drink coffee, smoke a kajillion cigarettes and play davey's game boy. slaaaaaaay.

i have dye in my hair right now. the color is called "spicy salsa," which in the real world means "red." i could only really afford one bottle so i'm hoping it's enough and i don't have to go to work tonight looking like a freak. or...more of a freak, i should say.

davey's obsessed with boobies, and the word "boobies." he's got a little game that he can plug into the tv and draw things with the joystick, and the first thing he wanted to draw was "BOOBIES." is it me, or is six years old a little young for that sort of obsession? i thought he had at least two more years of innocence, but i guess times, they are a-changin'. *sigh*

~~ time passes ~~

ok, i rinsed the dye out of my hair. it seems that it mostly dyed my roots. the rest of my hair is still all darkish but now my roots are bright red. ah, well.

more to come...hopefully...