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Monday, May 30, 2005

soylent green is people

...well, it is. it has nothing to do with this post though, so nyaaaaa.

my aunt and grandma (who everyone calls Nanny) just left a few minutes ago. whew. i love them, but so much "family time" wears me down. but it was a nice little memorial day get together anyway:
  • i've been having the most awesome BBQ sammiches all day long. i'm convinced, though, that nanny somehow slipped some laxatives in it when she was making it. ugh.
  • davey had a brief bout of illness. he was bouncing around and hyperactive one minute, then the next he was curled up on the floor in the fetal position with a fever of near 101. two hours later, he was back to bouncing around again. wish my illnesses were as brief.
  • i fought the chocolate cake and the chocolate cake won.
  • had 7 people crammed into a tiny living room playing the 20Q electronic handheld game.
  • had to make up new and exiting excuses to slip outside to have a cigarette so nanny wouldn't catch on that any of us smoke. at one point my brother said "well, time to go mow the lawn," and i followed with, "i guess i'll do the weedeating." it was raining at the time.
  • my brother and i astounded the rest of the family with our utter stupidity when we confessed that we thought that an emu was some type of llama. we be SMART.
but in general, good times were had by all.

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