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Thursday, May 12, 2005

birthday cat, and dreams

apparently today is my mom's cat, sandy's birthday. i think she's out there celebrating. my mom, i mean, not the cat. that's kinda of sweet. but really weird, at the same time.

here's my dream that i wrote down earlier. forgive the stream-of-thought writing, this is how it came out of my head.

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

there was this huge hotel, i was up in some sort of boardroom with a big group of people, the only person from it i can remember is Julia Roberts. we were discussing this killer, well, debating if he was a killer or not. he didn't actually kill people but he...well i guess he did kill them, he just had no physical contact at all with his victims. he would predict when and where they would die but he wasn't really predicting, somehow he was causing it. he told everyone in the room (except for me) that he knew they were all going to die that night, so me and...i don't remember who else, it could have been mandy, had to run around trying to save all these people and had to watch them just fall down at the exact time the guy said they would die, it was uber weird. i remember julia roberts just collapsed on her way to an elevator.

then i was with...i guess it was suppose to be in some way, my family since it felt that way, but i honeslty don't think i knew the people, i was at this house with my supposed "family" and we were all waiting up for my cousin who went out to celebrate her 21st bithday with my older cousin (who actually was my cousin, becky). i was sitting in some type of sun porch, the type my grandparents had before grandpa died and grandma moved up the hill to the woods. these two snakes came in through the window and one of them had this HUGE lump, like it ate a cat or something, and they both had these massive fangs and one of them tried wrapping around my leg, but it wasn't squeezing or anything, it was like it was just trying to say hello. after that i kind of thought it was cute, but the other one with the cat-lump still scared the shit out of me.

that's...about it.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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