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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Windows 10, writr, and alcoholic beverages.

So I just updated to Windows 10 the other day. I can't really decide whether I like it better than Window 7 (I never had 8, so this is a bigger change for me than for others). I'm still trying to wrap my mind around everything. I poked around in the app store last night while I was at work, looking for journal apps. I found one called Writr that gives prompts to help get the words flowing. The first prompt that I actually found interesting enough to write something on was, "Describe your favorite alcoholic beverage." Simple enough. Yet not. I think I will post some (or all, I haven't decided) of the outcomes of said prompts here, since this really is my JOURNAL-journal.

Describe your favorite alcoholic beverage:

It's waiting for me after a trying day. I can't say I have one specific alcoholic drink that I can call my favorite, much in the same way I don't have a favorite song or favorite band. It is the right adult beverage at the right time. When I return home from work, it's the cold bottle of beer I pull from the fridge after changing into my pajamas. When it's game night with my family, it is a potent rum and coke that loosens the laughter from my belly. On vacation, it is whatever tropical pink or red relaxing concoction with a memorably unique name that strikes my fancy. Sometimes it's wine. It's not often wine, but there are those times that only a chilled glass (or bottle) of wine will do. Red or white, with pasta at dinner or while watching a sad or romantic French movie, reading the blurred English subtitles through my stupid blubbery tears. It's the Malibu Rum in my hot cocoa that warms me while watching a snowstorm. The whiskey that dulls my senses when I feel I could lose my mind completely to depression, slowly becoming inebriated while listening to The Smiths or Tom Waits and typing out poem after drunken poem, channeling what feels at the time to be my inner Bukowski (but which is revealed to be a thirty-something's equivalent to teen angst once I'm sober). I've got an intimate relationship with alcohol, and I'm sure I've got new favorites out there yet to pass my lips, just waiting for the perfect situation to introduce itself.