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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

random babble about life

just trying to chill and calm myself down a bit. davey is going through a (hopefully short-lived) phase where he feels the need to mark his territory like an animal. so today has been a mad mix of screaming, shampooing carpets, doing laundry and washing stuffed animals. it occurred to me he might have some sort of infection where he can't get to the bathroom in time, but he tells me he feels fine. it's beyond me why he would feel the need to pee on a stuffed elephant. really, now. gaaawd.

they're clearing way for a biking/walking trail behind the house. they knocked down a bunch of trees back there, and i got kind of pissed until i realized what they were doing. they're clearing a path and putting up a fence that leads into the woods. that should be nice, i haven't gotten any time for myself since i moved here a year ago, it would be nice to take walks through the woods by myself sometimes. head clearing. and the weather is warm and awesome right now, i was hoping it would thunderstorm tonight, but even if it doesn't i won't be that upset. i'm wondering when the fireflies are supposed to start coming around. those things rock.

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