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Monday, November 29, 2004

Sorry there, bloggy, I have a job now.

so i'm still at GE plugging away the hours staring at light bulbs. it's so sad, i know it's only a temporary job so i don't even half try. it's so boring and half the time i'm wondering that if i do a half assed job inspecting the fuckers on the line, maybe i'm making more work for me later having to re-inspect them. then possibly the job could be lasting that much longer. but i'm probably just wrong.

i took davey to see polar express. it was cute. a little dizzying. it felt like a roller coaster ride half the time, but davey and the other kids in the theater seemed to like it, so i guess i have to buy it for him when it comes out on dvd.

thanksgiving was strange. being around so much family that i've been away from for so long. i was a little stand offish, it's my way in...uncomfortable situations. davey tried dropping spongebob action figures into the saltwater aquarium. he said it wanted to play with "Dorey." i guess from nemo. keeping up with him lately is exhausting. i'm tempted to invest in a cage.

i made a gingerbread house. BOOM.

hmm..i've a few new favorite songs:
Coming Up by Ani Difranco
Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours by The Smiths
Falling From Grace by Gentle Waves
Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying by Belle and Sebastian
Protect Me From What I Want by Placebo
Jenny by Jimmy Eat World
Memphis by PJ Harvey

and i like to sniff pine.
but enough for now.