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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

the haunting continues...

ok, i'm determined to get some EVPs this time, i don't really care if the recorder picks up the sound of me typing right now. this happened about 2 minutes ago.

i was sitting here, chillin to my music, looking up on google to see what the hell a dik dik is (and i'll explain that in the next post, i promise) when i saw a light on the wall out of the corner of my eye. i thought it was one of those little floaty things in my eyes, dust or something, but when i looked up it was still there. sort of the way it looks when the sun is reflected of your watch onto something. it moved like that, kind of jerky and a couple seconds later it was gone.

i am not wearing a watch. there is nothing moving in my room like that, plus what the hell would it be reflecting off of? my laptop screen? i think not, this was brighter than my laptop. i'm trying hard not to freak out. really. i know i have an overactive imagination. i don't even want to imagine what my recorder might be picking up right now, and so i probably won't listen to it til morning.

that's if you'll excuse me, i've got some covers to pull over my head.

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