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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

web cams

i've seen quite a few blogs now while surfing around that have cams. i'm thinking since i've cluttered my blog up with everything else i can think of, i might as well throw a cam in too, keep me interesting. i've yet to buy one, and am a little nervous about everyone watching me LIVE, but i'm sure i could get over that. i just hope there's not a whole lot of freaks like myself out there that keep hitting 'refresh' until they catch someone doing something weird, like nose picking or midsneeze.

so what do y'all think? would it add anything to my blog? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS! i may not follow your advice (i rarely follow anyone's advice), but i would still like to hear it!

thank you, now leave your comment. pretty-please.

feedback is oh-so-good.

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