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Saturday, May 07, 2005

another dream

just woke up (good gawd it's already 11? ugh) and since i can still remember my dream, here ya go:

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i was working at some type of computer store warehouse type place in winchester, but all the people i worked with at hastings in WA were working there. for some reason we were all trying to recover from some type of massive theft. we were all there til at least midnight, except me and a few other people who stayed til after 1am. i had to give this girl a ride home. when we headed out to the parking lot, there were three vehicles parked, kind of spread out. one was my mom in her minivan. she had been babysitting davey and was going to follow me home (home? not sure where i live in this dream, i guess in winchester...which started to look more and more like kennewick, WA) and drop davey off.

i crossed to the other side of the parking lot to my van (i'm driving a full size van in this dream, WTF). the chick and i got into the van and before i could start it, the driver's side door flies open and a man's arm goes around my neck and i'm yanked out of the van. the dude held a gun to my head. for some reason he thought i was the other chick, who was his ex girlfriend. and that's all i remember.

:: end of dream sequence ::

well. that was...different. i don't even own a van. and the fact that i was back working in a Hastings-type environment definately made it seem like a nightmare.

well, time to go get ready for the mother's day banquet. UUUUUUGH. don't wanna GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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