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Monday, December 26, 2005

the aftermath

YAY, christmas is over. not that i don't like christmas, i love it, i act like a kid around the holidays. but this year, after moving myself and helping my parents move, then unpacking and trying to make this place feel like home, i didn't have so much energy. and now i'm relieved for things to get back to normal.

i spent christmas at my parents' house, got a few nifty things. like a lamp, good smelly candles, some manicure whatnot, bath beads, a badass kermit the frog antenna thingy, yada ya. it's ok, i get davey's toys to play with. like a remote controlled car, game boy, DVDs, etc. for when i get over the excitement of getting a LAMP. haha.

i meant to go up there christmas eve with davey, stay the night, open gifts, eat dinner and drive back home. but near dinnertime, i checked outside and...i was fogged in. couldn't see two feet in front of me. now, i'm a bad driver under normal conditions. i like driving, i'm just crazy behind the wheel. but throw some dark and wicked fog into the mix and, man, that would just be disaster. so i stayed another damn night. i've had enough family time to last me AWHILE.

Monday, December 19, 2005

the jenny is alive

well, i'm all moved and uh....not even half unpacked. SHEESH, i have too much stuff. my packrat ways are finally biting me in the ass. i dunno why i felt the need to keep every article of clothing i've ever owned, davey's too. but still, it slays being back in my own place and not being cramped into a tiny room in my parents' house anymore. even though my entire living room is crowded with boxes of things i don't need and i've yet to find a job here.

another thing that's been driving me insane was the lack of internet. i officially moved in last tuesday and only today got (gag) AOL running. i mean, i hate AOL, but at least it's something, it's my mom's account so it's free. free's always a good thing. now i don't feel AS isolated in this strange new town.

i had a dream last night about a place i just drove by for the first time today, how wicked is that. even though it was sort of a nightmare, i still took it as a sign that i belong here.

and another cool thing about this town. there is a street named Gay. when i drive davey to school, he says "mommy, this street is gay" and dammit, i can NOT keep a straight face.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


sometime before christmas (geez, that's so soon) i will be moving into an apartment. or townhouse. or something very cheap. finally. already. confusion. this move to virginia that took place...a year and a half ago, it completely disoriented me. hopefully someday i will become at least somewhat oriented again, starting with this move.

and moving OUT OF TOWN actually. at first, i planned to stay in town and keep davey in the same school, until i looked around at the prices of apartments and townhomes here and about choked on my pop tart. way too expensive for a broke-ass poor single mom. so i started looking south...and more south, and more, until i decided to move an hour south of here. to the place, funny enough, i was born. i've never lived there, i was just born there in the hospital. i have family there. this is a good thing? i dunno, i'll have to see, haha.

it's cheap, though, what can i say.

so if it seems that there is a serious lack of blogging on my part, i am packing. or moving. there's not a lot that can tear me away from my laptop, but these things are inevitable. so people, just deal with it, you will not have (as much) UTTER BRILLIANCE to read from me for awhile (hah).