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Thursday, February 09, 2006

sickeningly sweet holidays

all my favorite shows seem to be valentine themed lately. oh, yeah, valentines day, great. *sigh* Wheel of Fortune has couples week. Biggest Loser: couples. The Office: valentines.

and then there's my brother telling me all about his valentines gift and whining about the fact that i'm not going up to my parents because he wants to give davey a valentines gift.

and then there's davey making the constant pink and red hearts out of construction paper and telling me all about his girlfriend. GIRLFRIEND!! he's friggin FIVE.


i'm convinced valentines day is just a holiday to rub it in my face that i'm single. hey, here's a bunch of commercials of happy people that will never be you, jenny! because you'll always be single! no chocolate for you! NO FUCKING DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES FOR YOU!

but...yeah, whatever...

fuck the hearts, fuck the flowers and the candies and the entire holiday. cupid can go fuck himself in the ear with his stupid arrow.

plus, i'll be missing RadCon for the second year. one of my best memories from living in WA was going to RadCon every year on valentines weekend. ok, maybe i don't care as much this year as i did last year, as i'm getting used to the lack of socializing and not so much missing it anymore.

but what i do miss about RadCon is the drunken dancing. and dressing up like a cat for no good reason. and running around a hotel for an entire weekend drunk, high and dressed like a cat.

there is just nothing like it.

i like vicodin

took a trip to the emergency room today. it's the first time i've had to visit for myself. i've taken davey for different whatnot, but i tend to avoid doctors at all costs.

buuuuuut, i was chillin and watching TV today, doing my whatnot online and i got a sudden and severe pain in my jaw. my tooth stopped hurting the other day, so i was thinking i might be able to put off going to the dentist for a little bit. but the pain today was FAR WORSE than before, and i simply could not handle it. it rivaled labor pains. i mean, at least when i had labor pains, i wasn't as worried because i knew they were supposed to be happening, my face is not supposed to hurt, dammit. and i don't remember crying when i was in labor, but i was bawling so hard today i got the hiccups and snubs like babies do. i'm such a tard.

so after panicking and hyperventilating myself, and swearing that i was dying, i managed to eventually drag my butt out to the car and drive myself to the hospital (wearing only one contact, because FUCKING HELL, my pink eye came back).

so they prescribed me some penicillin and vicodin and sent me on my way. my mom came down to see me and hang out for a little while, which was nice, because the only thing worse than being in pain and feeling helpless is being alone when it happens.

i took the vicodin and started attempting gymnastics moves. i learned tonight that i can still do a bridge (well, not from a standing position, that would just be suicide).

i like that. aw, yeah. i'm more flexible than i thought.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

why me

once i get over one thing, something equally horrifying comes along. as i was leaving to meet the davey at his school bus this afternoon, BOOM, my tooth started throbbing. like the worst tooth pain i've ever had, and with my teeth, i've had plenty of pain. this pain covered the entire side of my face and ear.

so after four ibuprofen and two midol (i couldn't find the tylenol) it finally stopped hurting enough to where i could reach in and poke at the culprit, which is what is left of my wisdom tooth.

the most...unnatural smell came out of my mouth after i started messing with my tooth. like, that should not have been coming from anything human, and here is was in my mouth. YUUUUUUCK.

so i figure it's abscessed. i've never had this happen before and it fucking hurts. i'm mad and in pain and cranky and whiney.


good news, annoying news

the good news? i'm over my pink eye. and my flu. and pretty much over my cold. i still feel like crappity, but that's normal for me. and least there's nothing leaking out of my face now.

annoying news? here's reason #683 why i don't like watching the news. celebrity gossip. i'm not interested in it, but i wrote a little poem about it this morning, after seeing this on two different news programs.

stupid blonde
bad mother
fuck you
britney spears

ok, it's not a masterpiece. i promise you, this will be the only picture of her i will ever have on this blog. whaaa, she was being terrorized at starbucks. lock your fucking car and put the poor little monkey back in his car seat.

ok, that is all...