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Saturday, July 28, 2007


i have decided to switch back to blogger commenting. haloscan used to be decent, but after a few months of not logging into their service (and really, why would i log in if everything was working smoothly), they ate all my comments. almost 2 years worth of comments, i believe, and i find that retarded. i can't imagine who would actually pay for their full service, considering how unreliable they are and the fact that they ignore months worth of complaints about this issue. i'm sick of it, man.

so if you've left me a comment in the past...couple years, i didn't delete it. haloscan is a big puckered asshole.

what's nice is that blogger has GREATLY improved their commenting over the past few years. the reason i went with halo was because at that time, blogger was only allowing comments from other blogger users, which is not the case anymore. so i think i'll be happy with this change.

Friday, July 06, 2007

open mic and the beach

sitting here at work, feeling rather bummed that i got my ass over to open mic night and yet AGAIN did not get up there and read. I SUCK. and yet AGAIN, davey got up there and danced. i was ready this time, and i blame it on there being too many people on the list, but really, i never took the time to ask if i could read. i mean, davey got to get up there, i guess it was possible that i could have. no matter. i have next thursday off, so i can stay at open mic later than normal and i WILL get a chance to read....i will.

so easy to say that NOW, hah.

anyways, i haven't blogged for awhile, so i guess it's worth mentioning that i finally took a real vacation last weekend -- to Virginia Beach. i hadn't been to the beach since i was in gradeschool and davey had never seen the ocean at all before this, so charlie, davey and i drove the four hours to the beach and stayed for four days. since i work at a hotel, i get a discount on that brand of hotel. i ended up only having to pay $25 per night, which was nice, but the room wasn't worth more than that. i guess i can't complain for the price i was paying, but if i had had to pay full price for it, i would have pitched a fit. the sheets would not stay on the beds. how silly is that??

we went to the aquarium and i got to pet a cownose ray. had i seen something like that in the ocean, i would ave definitely kept my distance, but this was a "petting pool" full of them, and believe it or not, they were actually kind of cute. they looked like they enjoyed being pet, although i'm not exactly sure this was the case.

i think i'm going to try to do this every summer, go to the beach. i mean, i'm not so big on laying around on a towel and tanning, since i try to keep my skin an even grayish tone, but there's so much to do and see in a place like that. we actually saw some dudes dressed in star wars costumes just sitting there on the street corner.

well, time to get back to work and earn my dough so i can bring home the bacon...damn i'm hungry...donuts and bacon...mmmm

Friday, June 15, 2007

yada yada yada

i'm at work. SURPRISE.

i'm wearing my uber-geek-chic SWEATER VEST, which is now part of my new uniform. same job, new crap. oh, well. at least i smell bitchin, even if i DO look like a dork.

i'm waiting for major change. waiting, because i know it's going to happen. i'm looking for a new job because there's going to be a change of management here and i don't handle that very well. at one of my old jobs, i got pooped on when they changed management (well, not literally, nothing that kinky). so i'd like to duck out of here pretty soon. that and i need more money. that's been an issue since i started here, so i'm not sure why i've stayed here so long.

but this sweater vest is the last straw.

it's killing me that i haven't written anything new in months and months. i, i can't say that, i've written a few things, but my poetry blog is collecting dust. wait....THIS blog is collecting dust. i've written a few poems the old fashioned way, pen and paper (gasp!), i think i'll post them tonight if i get the time.

i've been trying to work up the courage to read something at open mic night at the Little Grill sometime, but Charlie reads and then i feel like i would flop if i tried, i don't have any books out or anything like he does. Davey even got up on stage last time we went and tap danced. he was a hit, too, it was unbelievably awesome. look at that, Davey even got the nerve to get up there on stage. I SUCK!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

luxury car & boob shields

i've been without a car since october, which was when my chevy beretta finally died. it's been aggravating having to take cabs to and from work, or bugging charlie for rides. i was sick of being trapped in the house (funny, that. for over a year i never wanted to leave the house and now i use words like "trapped") but i had no money to get car so i was screwed.

well, i got my wicked tax refund back and bought me a '94 Lincoln Towncar. ooooooooh. i never thought i could like a car...that...big, but i do. for one, i can fit my big ol butt in there quite easily. and on that note, driving a car that big makes me look smaller. YAY. and furthermore, it feels like i'm sitting on a leather sofa when i'm driving. so freaking cozy, it RAWKS.

so i'm out and about more with this boat of a car and quite happy about that.

in other news, davey found one of my bras yesterday and put in on, it was so funny i had to take a picture, which i shouldn't really post here because that's just wrong, but you can picture how hilarious that would be, right? well, he was on the phone with my mom later that day and said, "nanny, i hate to tell you this, but mom took a picture of me wearing her boob shields."


Thursday, February 08, 2007

the haunting of jenny's house

charlie and i were upstairs as i was online looking for rental cars. suddenly, we both hear it. the VERY creepy sound of two people the same room. yet we were the only ones there, and davey was downstairs. it was very clear that it was SOMEONE whispering, as we both heard that. i haven't a clue as to what it could've been, but i'm still trying to think of some rational explantation before i admit it was ghosts. although, i don't see that explanation as being so irrational.

there have been other episodes at home that make me think there may be more than just davey and i there. last year, as i was standing in the dining room talking on the phone, i was poked in the back. i turned around and no one was there. i have an electronic musical violin magnet that goes off by itself at times when these weird things happen. i hear the stairs creak when it's just me at home, and half the time i can blame it on the neigbor because his stairs are on the other side of the wall from my stairs. but sometimes it happens when the neigbor isn't home.

not only do i have all this to take in, davey is now telling me all about his "brother" or "friend" that died. he says he talks to him. sometimes this friend died in the war. sometimes he was murdered. davey is only 6 years old. it disturbs me to hear him talk that way, especially when he goes into detail about what this "friend" looks like or how he was murdered. *shiver* he has a very active imagination, i know, and this is probably just that, only repeated because it gets a reaction. but still...geez.

Monday, January 15, 2007

last words

whining, nonsmoking and the flash

after surfing through several blogs, i've been asking myself this question:

why are people so whiny and defensive in their blogs?

"i think this" or "i believe this" and "if you don't like it, you can kiss my ass, now i'm going on a defensive rant for three paragraphs!!"

fuck em.

of course, i really have no morals to defend, so none of that pertains to me. life is life, it's not a morality contest. which is a good thing, because i would SO lose.


OH, i quit smoking for my new year's resolution. so far i've stuck to it. this is the longest i've quit since i was pregnant with davey. so far it's been about 16 days, over a week, and it's only getting easier. YAY for me, i am AWESOME. feel free to agree with me.

charlie has got me hooked on The Flash comics. i never understood his fascination with it. i thought he just had some weird fascination with the red spandex, but then i read some of them, and now i can't get enough of it. i want to read them all, now. i'm turning into a total comic book nerd, yo. :) and i think i like it. also, there's supposed to be a movie of it coming out sometime next year (so says IMDB) and i'd like to know the whole story line ahead of time, so when i see it i can be a total snob and say things like, "that's not how it happens in the comics." BOOM!