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Monday, January 15, 2007

last words

whining, nonsmoking and the flash

after surfing through several blogs, i've been asking myself this question:

why are people so whiny and defensive in their blogs?

"i think this" or "i believe this" and "if you don't like it, you can kiss my ass, now i'm going on a defensive rant for three paragraphs!!"

fuck em.

of course, i really have no morals to defend, so none of that pertains to me. life is life, it's not a morality contest. which is a good thing, because i would SO lose.


OH, i quit smoking for my new year's resolution. so far i've stuck to it. this is the longest i've quit since i was pregnant with davey. so far it's been about 16 days, over a week, and it's only getting easier. YAY for me, i am AWESOME. feel free to agree with me.

charlie has got me hooked on The Flash comics. i never understood his fascination with it. i thought he just had some weird fascination with the red spandex, but then i read some of them, and now i can't get enough of it. i want to read them all, now. i'm turning into a total comic book nerd, yo. :) and i think i like it. also, there's supposed to be a movie of it coming out sometime next year (so says IMDB) and i'd like to know the whole story line ahead of time, so when i see it i can be a total snob and say things like, "that's not how it happens in the comics." BOOM!