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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ghosts, dreams, and dik diks

dammit, my recorder didn't pick up anything from my "haunting" but 31 seconds of me typing, and what sounded like loud breathing at one point but that could have possibly been me yawning, even though i don't remember yawning, as i was trying to make as little sound as possible. but that doesn't take away from the fact that i saw something creepy last night (see last post). i think i'll take Daniel's advice and keep a camera handy, because i need some sort of proof that i'm not flipping out. i swear i'm not, though.

i must have been thinking of the movie The Entity before i fell asleep last night, because i can't post my own dream now since it was too explicit. *blush* that one's not leaving the inside of my brain. ever. but my mom told me her dream when she woke up so here it is:

mom: i had a nightmare last night!
me: what was it?
mom: well, i dreamt that i was getting new glasses, but the girl wouldn't give me my glasses for some reason, so she made me go to the eye doctor, but they couldn't do an eye exam because i had some kind of eye infection. i was all mad because i couldn't wear my glasses, so when i got home i was mad and slamming doors. the scary part was that your dad looked like Frohike [pronounced 'fro-hickey,' from the X Files, pictured below].

well, anyway, did i promise to tell the dik dik story in my last post...ah, yup, i did.

first off, i'd like to say right now that the 20Q (twenty questions) electronic handheld game is the coolest electronic handheld game ever. my mom and i were playing it last night, and of course we had to think of dirty things for it to guess what it was. first item? boob. it asked the ususal questions, had us laughing, then asked, "are you thinking of a dik dik?"

what the fuck is a dik dik??

when i looked it up in google images much later (and during my "haunting") this is what came up:


also, we tried to get this uber awesome game to guess "vagina." it asked questions like "is it used for recreation?" and "do you put something into it?" great stuff, really, we were sure it would never get it, then after the 20 questions were up, it asked, "are you thinking of puss?"

the coffee came out through my nose. ghaaaaaahahaha.

i love this game.

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