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Sunday, May 15, 2005

my overactive imagination

my imagination is a piece of work sometimes.

last night i was sitting in my bedroom at my desk, trying to write something that might pass as poetry (but really, anything will pass as poetry at 4am) with my headphone on but no music. i don't know why i always feel the need to wear headphones, it's like i'm all nakies without them. anyway, i was sitting there staring at the blinking cursor. blah. and i heard what sounded like a big SIGH. beside me. right fucking beside me, i'm totally serious.

so i turn to look and i see this of a light, like a piece of spider web caught in the sunlight. like a little shimmer or something. this was almost 4am, there was no sun and hardly any light in my room.

then i felt something weird on the back of my neck, which quite possibly could have been the tag to my shirt...or a spider (which might actually be scarier than the prospect of a ghost), but it really did feel like a finger moving from the back of my neck down my spine. when i turned around to see what the FUCK was that, my lamp by the door flickered a little. ghaaa, i'm being haunted.

now, had these events occurred separately, maybe i wouldn't have flipped so bad. but having a chain of these experiences within a window of about 30 seconds was just a little too much.

and why do i suck, people?

i didn't even whip out my recorder for EVPs. dumb me. i flipped out, wrote a 30 second poem about the "encounter" and that was it for me. in bed, covers over my head. BOOM.

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