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Sunday, May 08, 2005

yo mama's day

no corny happy dripping-sweet lovey dovey mother's day poems here. i've read too many. not that the first half dozen didn't make me cry. that's the point of them, right? i'm sure they all have subliminal messages imbedded in them saying CRY, OH JOY OF RAISING KIDS! CRY DAMMIT.

i've hugged my mom today. i got her a lovely gift. i went with her to the stupid mother-daughter banquet. i'm a good daughter.

davey drew me up a mother's day card with a big pirate ship on it. which really has been the only good part of today. feeling slightly underappreciated, but i guess all moms do. at least i got a sweet card. it makes up for him throwing toys at me and demanding i find the lion king video RIGHT NOW. but i still feel like i should have slept through today. they should make a "single mother's day*." celebrated twice a year, just for those of us that have to act as two parents. instead of a card (of flowers or whatever) i would much rather have rum.

*to be fair, a single father's day too.

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