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Sunday, August 14, 2005

lots of good randomness

my writer's block has been cured! YAY! by incense!

i know, it sounds weird. but no lie, not five minutes after i lit my stick of "sweet dreams" incense, i was typing out poem after poem. after over a week of staring at the blank screen in turmoil, i have my emotional outlet back. the weight has lifted. really, after the second poem, i felt as if i'd lost 20 pounds. i posted a couple of them on my poetry blog, so go on over sometime if you're at all interested.

i have this oracle book that i like to whip on out (for entertainment) and ask questions. it's called The Oracle Book: Answers to Life's Questions by Georgia Routsis Savos. normally it's full of shit (i assume) but it's rather fun to ask it random whatnot and see it's vague answers. there is an "answer" on every page, and what one is supposed to do, is concentrate very hard on a question, flip through the pages with one's eyes closed, and then just sort of stop on whatever page feels right. or to quote from the book's instructions, "somehow, the page with the 'right' answer just beckons you to stop."

so here goes. i will ask my very important questions, and see what answer beckons.

Q: should i take up Pilates again?
A: you've already learned your lesson.
**HA! this is so true. if you want to read about my misadventure in pilates, click HERE.

Q: should i make more coffee?
A: it will nourish your soul.
**this a genius...

Q: will i write a bestselling novel in my lifetime?
A: you'll be admired for your actions.
**but what if i don't, does that mean i'll be admired for NOT writing one? maybe the world will admire me for not wasting their time reading my crap! HA!

Q: should i keep putting my hair in pigtails?
A: meditate about it tonight.
**ooooh, yes, this is actually exactly what i planned on doing tonight anyway. sit around and meditate about my pigtails. NYAA.

Q: should i eat the rest of these M&Ms?
A: my, you're feeling ambitious.
**this a smartass.

on a completely different note, go over to Daniel's blog and wish him a happy birthday. his is one of my favorite blogs and, i can honestly say, he's one of my favorite people. so GO! NOW! read his blog! spread some freakin' birthday cheer! BOOM!

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