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Monday, August 15, 2005

davey, under the needle

i took davey to get his "last" immunization today to get into school. it was only supposed to be one shot, according to the school nurse. so i prepared him, told him he was a big boy and, in the words of The Cure, "boys don't cry."

ok, i didn't say that, i just said "suck it up and don't be a pussy."

no, ok, i didn't say that either.

but he did seem to be pretty confident about the whole ordeal when we got to the doctor's office. he chatted up the nurse, flirted and whatnot. good times. the nurse left the room for...about a half a frickin hour. davey saw a picture of snow white on the wall and called it, "snow white and the seven torturists." my son is warped.

then the nurse came back to inform me that not only did davey need his MMR immunization, he had gotten two other shots too early in WA, and needed both of those, also, for entrance into school.

davey started to look worried.

but really, all i heard from him the whole time was one half-hearted, "ow," and that was it. and since i take davey to the ghetto doctor for the broke-ass poor, instead of having to pay $200, i only had to pay $20. YEE HAW. that's more money for crack! (jk)

went to the school to give the paperwork to the school nurse, and found out davey will be in the same class as the neighbor girl, which is unbelievably awesome. i know i didn't know anyone when i started kindergarten, so maybe now for him it won't be as terrifying.

i just hope he doesn't do his stand-around-nakies-and-talk-about-band-aids trick when he gets there.

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