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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


last night's dreams were extremely vivid. i wrote them down immediately so i wouldn't forget them, but the funny thing is, i don't think they would have faded too quickly, anyhow. i mean, i can close my eyes and still picture them perfectly. perfectly.

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i was out at this gas station/used car lot that looked a lot like a Sheetz but twice as big. it was late evening and i was there with my brother. he was trying to talk down the price of an old school bus. apparently i was really interested in buying one.

next dream. i had just been hired on with a landscaping company, along with this really airheaded teenage boy. we were both supposed to be working laying grass seed down at some guy's house. i was to do the backyard, and he was to do the front yard. when i finished in the back, i came around front to see if the doofus was almost done. i rounded the corner and he sprayed me with the hose, trying to be funny. then i noticed that instead of grass seed, he had laid down Legos and little plastic toys. i was like, "NO!!" and ran around gathering them up before the boss saw.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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