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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

just random stuff

Yahoo Messenger w/ Voice...versus Skype.
Yahoo! = suck
Skype = YAY

seriously, i download Yahoo! Messenger w/ Voice, and not ONLY does it seem to slow my computer down more than the other version i had before, the sound is horrible. it can't be just my computer, because i never had that issue using Skype. i dunno if maybe i did something wrong, but i really don't think so. the sound just kind of stuttered, and after closing EVERY OTHER APPLICATION i had running at the time, it wasn't much better. so fuck you Yahoo! right in the ear.

"caffeine" is now my new favorite strong bad e-mail on homestar runner.

it reminds me of this time when i drank some of the stongest coffee ever over at my friend's boyfriend's house. he didn't know how to make coffee but i was about to pass out from staying up all night, so he made this wicked brew for me. i ended up drinking the entire pot. it took about a half hour to kick in, but after that i could not stop moving. i couldn't focus on thought, i couldn't stop shaking my head and hands. it was insane. my brother had to end up picking me up, he and his girlfriend accused me of taking speed.

but anyways, go watch the video, because strong sad is the MAN, haha.

via myspace, i've discovered a new band i like: the hazzards. they describe themselves as "New York's baddest two-girl ukulele band." i just might end up buying their CD. maybe, unless i happen to find the songs *ahem* elsewhere. anyways, here's a video for their song Shut Up & Make Out, it's uber cute if you like watching people make out with air. and each other. plus the song is hilarious, IMO.

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