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Friday, August 26, 2005

i slay da birfday

so i'm 26 now. the birthday rocked. got a zen micro from my parents. that was very awesome of them, considering the cost of it. i normally don't expect a whole lot, but...i've been wanting that bad boy for months. it's got the capacity to hold more songs than i can even dream of loading onto it, at least for awhile. plus it's got FM radio/radio recorder, voice recorder, and organizer. and a friggin mezmerizing blue backlight. all that and it's smaller than a pack of cigarettes. very cool.

went to Ruby Tuedays for dinner. medium rare steak. shrimpies. coffee. so good. davey didn't even throw any fits about eating his dinner. i consider that my birthday present from him. that and he made me a card and sang to me.

and my brother even mumbled out a "happy birthday" as he walked past my room. hey, that's more than i expected.

at about 11ish last night, i realized i didn't get to blow out any candles and make a birthday wish, seeing as how everyone had to waddle home from Ruby Tuesdays and had no room for cake. so i popped a candle on that mofo, sang happy birthday to myself, made my damn wish and blew out the candle.

i'm not telling what i wished for. it's a rule. if you tell, you don't get your wish. so nyaa.

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