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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

stupid dream

so i woke up this morning in the weirdest mood. i expected to see a bunch of people in my room making a huge mess. i had one of those dreams that's hard to snap out of. and here it is.

::jenny's dream sequence::

there was a lot of family over. everyone was trying to wake me up but i just couldn't. i looked around my bedroom and i had mountains of trash, junk, and broken electronics piled everywhere. it was a disgusting junkyard. davey and some of my cousins were in on my floor watching TV. i realized i was sleeping naked and had to convince them to leave the room before i got out of bed.

flash forward to the car. were were all driving somewhere long distance. maybe iowa? i really dunno. but we were all in our own cars, so there was a trail of maybe 12 cars or so following each other. i had a friend of mine from WA with me (who i call 'horsefuckah'), which actually didn't seem so weird because VA and WA had melded together into one place.

we stopped in some parking lot to stretch, and my brother pushed me outta my car and said he was gonna drive, and that i could go drive his minivan. his death-metal-redneck buddy was with him, and they just took off with davey and horsefuckah still in the backseat. i got all pissed off and got into my brother's minivan and followed them.

everyone started pulling over, as if they heard a siren or something, but i couldn't hear or see anything of the sort. i couldn't find a place to pull over, either, so i had to keep going all slow. my asshole brother's voice came barking through a CB radio on the floor, "pull over or speed up, idiot, whaddaya think you're doing?" i saw my car in front of me, my brother had pulled over also. i was confused. i watched horsefuckah jump outta the car and run to a house across the road. WTF...

apparently we never made it to where we were going, because all the sudden we were all back at home. i asked WTF happened to horsefuckah, and my brother told me he went to go visit my friend, princess. then i went down in the basement and got this really old black and white TV/radio, took it upstairs to my room to fix it. then i watched sesame street.

::end of dream sequence::

this was all dreamt this morning between 10-11am. davey was trying desperately to wake me up so i could find his spiderman game, i heard that. but it seemed as if i was awake enough to talk to him, but still sleeping and still seeing the mountains of junk everywhere. is that even possible? so weird.

and BTW, 'horsefuckah' isn't disguising the dude's name, that's what i actually called him. why the fuck was he in my dream, though? that i'll never know.

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