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Sunday, August 07, 2005

the playground of death

**warning: mommy post**

i took davey to the playground today. it's one of those huge wooden jungle gyms with little mazes and bridges and whatnot. but what i noticed today disgusted me. while davey was crossing one of the pint sized bridges, i saw that a few of the boards on the sides seemed to be missing, which is all well and good for davey, because he's old enough where i'm not worried that he'd fall through. i mean, he's just too big. but i had a short daymare of a toddler slipping through and falling to it's death.

what i didn't know was that the boards weren't missing at all. they were laying on the ground, below the bridge, with exposed nails pointing up, waiting to kabob the toddler in my daymare. this is a problem. if davey is anything like me, he is attracted to shiny things. so i made him play on the little kids' jungle gym across the park, where all is plastic and smooth and the ground is padded. like walking on a sponge. the world should be lined with that shit, i'm serious.

there's another thing that bothered me about my playground excursion today. the other parents. i try to keep to myself. i am not the social mommy that plays with everyone else's kids. i stick to keeping an eye on davey and that's it. those other kids must fend for themselves. when the other parents see that their children are playing with my son, it is NOT ok to leave the area and assume i'll watch the whole lot of them. i don't care what their children do. i don't care if their children run into the woods never to return. i hope they know this. plus it is not ok for them to assume parenting roles for davey when i am standing right there. i don't care how incapable i may look, i can handle it. just let me sober up and put down my crack pipe. HA (yes, that was a joke)

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