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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i violated my own privacy

there comes a point where i have to draw the line on what i do and do not post. this is not meant to be my ultra private diary. if it was, obviously, you wouldn't be reading it. besides, that's what my poetry is for.

i deleted a post (GASP) earlier this morning. it's not the first time. it won't be the last, i'm sure. i become blabbermouth when i start typing. for some reason, everything wants to come out. and y'know what? not everything needs to be known. a girl needs a little mystery about her, people!

i've had it out with a friend of mine about deleting posts. she feels that everything we write in our blogs, whether or not we feel the same way later, whether or not it's whiney or trite or downright bullshit, is part of our cognitive maps. it's the truth. there is no erasing the truth.

well, fuck it, i just did. how ya like that.

so even though, if said friend reads this, she'll probably accuse me of burying the truth and "just telling the white man's version," i do not feel bad. i mean, sure, i don't mind reading other blogs with other people's ultra personal thoughts, but this is my blog. MINE! i don't care about blogging "rules." WHAT RULES?? i read blogs arguing both sides of this, but y'know what i have to say? huh? WHATEVAH, I DO WHAT I WANT!

if you want, you are free to peruse my poetry on my other blog and try to decipher my feelings from them. good luck with that. i even have a hard time figuring out what i mean sometimes.

i will condense the deleted post down to what i really wanted to say: i have a cold, i feel miserable, and why the fuck am i singing the Three's Company theme song...

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