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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

my dream...fragmented.

i woke up this morning remembering absolutely nothing from last night's dream. i went through my morning whatnot, smoked, drank a few cups of coffee, checked email and whatnot. when i went to go change DVDs for davey (from Star Wars Bonus Material to a Godzilla cartoon, though i really don't think the specifics matter), BOOM! it hit me. i got a flash of trying on clothes.

i had been awake for over an hour, and slowly the images strarted trickling back into my consciousness. so here's all that i've remembered so far:
  • trying on clothes at some expenisive store. there was this formal dress that had cool celestial print material, one had like thunder streaks on it but i thought it looked wicked.
  • playing Monopoly
  • wearing a shoulder length blonde wig
  • running from the police, hiding up a tree
ooh, this is gonna be real fun if all these things end up being connected and in the same dream. haha

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