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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

jenny's adventures in pilates

i did it already. i've broken one of my new year's resolutions.

"3. keep watching the pilates video in fast forward (while sitting on couch)"

so i was out shopping today and saw the pilates resistance band i wanted and bought it:

yes, i watched my pilates video WHILE DOING PILATES. i really just wanted to play with the resistance band.

so here i was, sweating (ahem, i mean glistening) away to my pilates video, happily holding the handles of my new funky resistance band, the other end safely tucked under my feet, and listening to denise austin cheer me on. "now roll vertebrae at a time...oh you're doing great!"


i swore i had lost an eye. fuckin OW! the goddamn band shot me right in the eye. when i think about it now, i realize i was aiming a giant bungee slingshot right at my fucking face.

duh...i be smart.

so, yeah, my whole eye hasn't turned black and bruised yet, but i can tell already that the damage is spreading. so if i do end up looking like a boxer by tomorrow, i'll post a pic. because dudes, seriously, black eyes look bloody awesome.


Anonymous said...

Yikes.. well at least you weren't seriously hurt. Did the thing actually break, or just come loose and hit you?

By the way, I like your new hair, it looks good on you.

Jenny said...

it didn't actually break, it slipped from under my feet and snapped back into my face. and i screamed like jamie lee curtis when it happened, seriously.

thank you for reading my blog and liking my hair and leaving your comment! you rock.

Buzzy Coltrane said...

Feel the burn...and the black eye!

Anonymous said...

Jamie Lee Curtis rocks, so that's one good thing you've got going. *grins*