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Thursday, August 18, 2005

four dreams

i'm not sure, but i think i remembered four of my dreams last night. not each dream in it's entirety, but snippets from each one. so here there are...

::jenny's dream sequence::

1. working at hastings, but they were going out of business so the stock was almost gone and there were crowds of people fighting over things. adria felt a ghost presence and freaked out, took her into backroom and she talked about a dead black lady that was standing over her, so we all talked to it. attached to the backroom was a holding room for shoplifters and it was full of mexican families for some reason. they hadn't even shoplifted, so i didn't know why they were there. there were armed security guards everywhere, though.

2. new grocery store, my mom and i were getting a tour before it opened, and the guy was showing us the self checkout stand, like it was some brand new thing. but for some reason he told my mom that no one was allowed to checkout diet foods or diet soda through this line.

3. daniel playing guitar...but in my kitchen...which really wasn't even my kitchen because i didn't recognize it but in the dream it was mine because my mom was in the other room. and for some reason there were those little toys you win a the fair or at amusement parks laying all over the place.

4. cops looking for a murderer in the woods, so i go out for a walk down this little path...through the woods and see this dude wearing a suit and tie, but holding a cardboard shield and sword covered in foil. he was just lurking in the shadows, he wasn't trying to attack anyone.

::end of dream sequence::

and here are those dreams interpreted by my dream dictionary. i understand that this book it 90% bullshit (or more), but i think it's fun, so nyaa...
  • working at a store: you are in for a stroke of money luck
  • ghost: if you don't run from the ghost, business and love will go well
  • market/store: you could soon be falling in love; a few other pleasant surprises are just around the corner.
  • guitar: hear someone else play it and your problems will come to a quick conclusion
  • kitchen: there will be happiness in the family
  • amusement (park): satisfaction is coming your way
  • toys: new developments are on the horizon
  • forest: one of your pet projects will be a success
  • path: if it's narrow, you are in for some kind of stuggle

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