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Saturday, August 06, 2005

BLAH i say! BLAH!

ugh. cleaning day. laundry day. everyone's already bitching and arguing with each other. i found out i still can't fit back into my old clothes even though i've lost close to 30 lbs since april, what the shit is up with that?! i guess i'll just have to lose 30 more? YUCKS! well, i had to vent somewhere, i know this isn't the best post, but it's my fucking blog and WHATEVAH! I DO WHAT I WANT! i guess the upside is i have lost 2 more pounds this week, it seems to be slowly dropping. doesn't really feel like it, though, but i guess the scales don't lie. must be all those hot dogs and sausage biscuits. HA! life will be good when my hair grows back out and i can fit into my old levi's. i guess a job and a place to live should be in there, too, haha. OH FUCK, I'M A MESS. NYAAAA.

what i need is a break from life. what i need is to go to the zoo and see some badass giraffes. i was told that sometimes they spit on you. how exciting! haha. i was reading lewie's blog, though, and saw his post about going to the DC zoo, saw all the awesome pics and got jealous when i saw the pics of the giraffes.

here is what i need right now:
  • longer hair
  • less weight
  • a job
  • a place to live that isn't overrun with rednecks
  • a life (HAHA)
  • giraffes
  • a zen micro
  • chinese food

is this so much to ask??

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