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Thursday, September 01, 2005

beggin for a job

so i was around town today, beggin for work. i am a retail girl, so i swung around a bunch of book stores, office stores, music shops, video places and the like. man, i wish every store had their applicants apply online. it's much nicer filling out my life story while at the same time chatting and slurping down coffee. i mean, it would be nice to find a job that i could still do that while i work. but that's not what i've been applying for, so i need to shush.

y'know what i really hate? when i go into a store to talk to the manager about possible employment at their fine establishment (i think i'm choking on my own sarcasm!) and the bitch just looks me up and down and says, "whaddaya want." it didn't even sound like a question. actually it sounded somewhat like a gremlin, but that's aside from the point. in hindsight, i'm sure she was trying, with her amazing communication skills, to ask me what type of position i was looking for. but i don't think very clearly when i'm being stared into the ground by a 4 foot tall gremlin in khakis. so i say, "A JOB!"

she stared at me, as if i were insane, then asked me if i have sales and register experience, both of which were yes. when she asked me if i was looking for part of full time, i told her full time. her nose shot straight up into the air.

"we don't hire, full time. we hire part time and promote up to full time from within."

it was a very true and informative statement, but the way she said it, it might as well have been, "yer ugly and yer momma dresses ya funny." i hopped on outta there. i hate people sometimes. i dunno why it is that i always look for jobs that are way below my potential.

oh, wait. i almost forgot. it's because i'm lazy.

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