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Thursday, June 30, 2005

the wrath of the jenny

i wrote the greatest post last night. we had a massive thunderstorm, the kind i adore. the kind where it sounds like bombs are being dropped on the roof. nonstop lightning. the power went out about 3 times. the rain poured. i was ecstatic for the first hour of it. after the storm dissapated a little bit, i sat and wrote about it in detail. it was THE most beautiful post ever. really. no...really.

however, when i tried to go online to post connection. i waited patiently for a half hour. no connection. i was getting annoyed, as i like to blog and chat and surf around at about this time, which helps me successfully avoid my family.

after an hour of this non-connectedness, my jaw started hurting from gritting my teeth. so i *calmly* deleted my entire post and thoughtfully rewrote it to fit my mood. and i think i will post that now. be warned, my language may be a little colorful. *smiling sweetly* that just helps me work through the anger.

so here it is. beautiful post #2! i apologize again for the language:
MUTHA FUCKIN STORM knocked out the FUCKING internet, and the next MUTHA FUCKA that says one fucking word to me is going to get their MUTHA FUCKIN head fucked all the hell up. what the FUCKING SHIT, ghaaaa, if i see one more FUCKING lightning out of my FUCKING WINDOW, i'm going to break the FUCKING GLASS. you, storm, are a giant father-raping ASSHOLE. GODDAM SUNNUVABITCH STUPID DONKEY-RAPING SHIT-EATING COCKSUCKING MUTHA FUCKING DICKHEAD, I HATE YOU STORM!

oooh, the rage. haha.

now, that right there, people. that is why i blog. that is better than therapy. aaaaaaaaaaaah.

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