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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

outta the trunk, party boy

i saw this article on AOL News and just about choked on my pop tart:

Police 'Free' S&M Sex Slave From Car Trunk

BERLIN (June 3) - German police, alerted to a potential kidnapping, "freed" a man from a car trunk only to discover the would-be victim was actually a willing sex slave, authorities said Thursday.

Police stopped the car after a concerned caller told them he had seen a woman locking someone in the trunk. However, on opening it, they were greeted by the sight of the 39-year-old man wearing nothing but a leather thong and a collar.

"It turned out they were a couple from the S&M scene. The 'mistress' was driving, with the slave in the boot," said a police spokesman in the southern town of Bayreuth.

Deciding the rear of the car was not safe for the man, officers told him to sit inside the car and sent the pair on their way.

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