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Saturday, June 18, 2005

tagged once again...

i've been tagged by Trudie!! YAY!

What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

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ok, so here goes...

1. i miss vacations and family time with my parents and brothers. we would take trips to the beach or resorts or somewhere. i remember we took off for somewhere in a rented motor home, and it was the best of times, even though i got locked in a closet playing hide and seek. now that i think about it, how the hell did we play hide and seek in a motor home? haha.

2. i miss not caring what people thought about me. i would just do whatever the hell i wanted, no matter who was watching and i never cared how weird i looked. i never went out of my way to impress people or to make friends, which may explain why i really didn't have too many friends, but i didn't care. i had fun on my own and if someone didn't like it, they could fuck off. maybe that hasn't changed all that much.

3. i miss the homemade slip n' slide. my older brothers and i tried to make a badass slip n' slide in the front yard out of trash bags and tent stakes. it worked for awhile until i got tore up on one of the wooden tent stakes. good times.

4. i miss my grandpa (PawPaw) and my grandparents' old house. my grandma (Nanny) only lives up the hill from that house now, in a double wide in the woods, but i have to pass that cool big old house everytime i go for a visit. i remember sleeping up in the little upstairs bedroom when i was little, and thinking it was creepy and haunted because i would go to sleep wearing my pajamas and wake up fully dressed. i remember laying in the grass and rolling down the huge hill in the front yard, over and over again. i miss seeing my PawPaw sitting in his recliner watching baseball. i miss hearing him call my Nanny "shnooks".

5. i miss playing in the woods that were across from the old house. i'd ride my bike down to the train tracks with my brothers and their friends. i remember how the trees were bent in this sort of archway right before the tracks, it was so cool looking. i used to catch tadpoles back there, and...well this is sort of disgusting, i would take a stick and poke one of the tadpoles until it's little intestinal junk came out, them i'd use the intestines for fishing line, with the dead tadpole hanging at the end of it. but dammit if the other tadpoles didn't go crazy for it. i hope someone was eating when they read that.

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