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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

random thoughts

i thought i'd just give a sneek peek of all the brilliant thoughts that run through this genius mind of mine. so here are the first ten thoughts that spilled out of my brain. deep jenny...
  1. my wisdom tooth is almost completely gone...when did that happen...
  2. morrissey's voice is like a tongue licking my face.
  3. whatever happened to Fun Dip? do they still make that stuff? i never used to eat the dipping sticks, i wonder why they didn't make them more flavorful, i just sucked the sugary dip stuff off and threw the dipping sticks away.
  4. i think i'll paint my nails green next time.
  5. it would be cool to like, live in a mall. with no people in it. like having the run of the place, maybe even for the weekend, trying on clothes, playing with toys, jumping in the fountain. and the only employees that would be allowed in are the food court workers. but they'd have to find better ones to work at that Arby's, that place was filthy last time...
  6. i could very well kill for a giant roast beef sammich and onion petals right now.
  7. i wonder what day i'm going to die. if i knew, i might celebrate that day every year, like that would be a TRUE unbirthday. HA.
  8. i predict i'll die on a wednesday.
  9. if Snoopy were as smart as they made him out to be, he'd be able to get his own damn food.
  10. if they ever made a noncartoon Peanuts movie, i think i'd be perfect for the part of Peppermint Patty. and mandy could play Marcie, my sidekick. i mean, it wouldn't be a stretch, she'd just have to start calling me 'sir' instead of 'roy'

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