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Friday, June 24, 2005

blah. blah. blah.

ugh. my brain is full, yet i can't even think up a proper post, so you people will just have to deal with me rambling and grumbling. it's just one of those days that i don't know what i want. i might be hungry but i can't tell. i really don't want to eat so i just drink more coffee. it's too hot to go outside, and i think even if it was cooler out, i'd still be curled up here in my chair in front of my laptop.

i'd hang out with davey and watch a movie or something, but i can't for the life of me get him to clean his room. i get the urge to go in there and clean it for him, but then i remember sometimes my mom would do that when i was little so when it came time to clean my room the next time, i'd put in off in hopes that my mom would clean it for me again. i really don't want to get into that with davey. so i just took away his TV and Game Boy privileges. i'm hoping that will work...eventually.

i'd write poetry, but i think my brain is way too full for that. if that makes any sense. when my thoughts are this mixed up and jumbled, my poetry comes out confusing even to me. either that or it's way too direct, and then i end up not posting it because, hey, those are my personal thoughts, i have to make them as vague as possible sometimes so i can get the nerve to post them at all. at least i know what they all mean. sometimes i just don't want everyone else to know, is all.

i did manage to update my today. i cleared out all the junk i'm sick of and added a lot more of the rock. so check that out. if you want. whatever, not like it matters.


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