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Monday, June 13, 2005

day of blah

today is one of those days where i'd just be content to slowly slip into a coma. sure, i got some time outside playing around in the kiddie pool with davey. we had an awesomely loud thunderstorm today, too. so why do i feel like curling into a ball and listening to The Cure...

i think this is because i was so looking forward to possibly getting some form of tan on my legs today. currently, they are about the same color of my khaki shorts. actually, it seems like i am even paler now after i have gotten some sun, if that's possible. i don't think i've really tanned in 7 years, and now my skin is violently rejecting any form of pigmentation. ugh.

and speaking of abnormal pigmentation, i didn't even get to see any jacko-goes-to-jail action. what the shit is up with that?!


now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go listen to Morrissey whine me into a coma...aaaah...

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