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Monday, June 06, 2005

my cult dream

so i woke up earlier this morning and wrote down one of my crazy-ass dreams. enjoy!

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

there was this weird religious cult that were meeting at the top of this mountain, and for some reason i was going up there with davey and my mom. there was one of those moving walkway looking things, the kind you see in airports, taking us up the mountain. when we got up there it was my friend heather's house (from WA) but with middle eastern people in the yard playing guitars. i remember the cult leader's name was 'Happy'. he didn't seem happy though. he was screaming something about a revolution. there were hundreds of people in the yard, some were lighting incense and chanting, some were having a BBQ. Jennifer Aniston was there. she asked me to help her light her incense.

then i went in the house to talk to heather's mom about something and she had this post-it note stuck to the front of her shirt, and i'm like, "hey, you have a post-it note stuck to the front of your shirt," so she took it off and was like "oh, i guess heather left me a note," so she wrote a note back to heather on the bottom of the same post it and just stuck it right back on her shirt. but then heather's mom has always been kinda weird.

so then i went back out and everyone had disappeared from the backyard, except for heather's brother and his friends. they had set up their computers in the backyard and were having a LAN party. so i just changed in to my pajamas (which consisted of the same jersey nightie the mom wore in the Poltergeist movie) right there in the yard, curled up in the grass and fell asleep.

:: end of dream sequence ::

W. T. F.

however confusing the rest of the dream was...throwing Jennifer Aniston into the mix was completely baffling.

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