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Friday, June 03, 2005

jenny's misadventures in webcammage

ok, so i finally got a web cam. reason there's no live webcam on this blog yet: apparently i lack the common sense and the skillz to operate my own computer. it's rather embarrassing, really, but i'm sure i'll slay the day tomorrow and y'all will get to see my big 'ol face LIVE, LUCKY YOU!

but still, i had to play with the happy new gadget, so here's me trying to figure computer:

if you could look inside my head, i'm sure you'd see a hamster wheel...and a dead hamster.

so anyway, today i took davey to yet another doctor to get a lead screening done. holy shit, that kid is such a maaaad flirt. he had every chick in that doctor's office wrapped around his pinky finger, and he was loving it. i got a second opinion on his vision, since i think the first doctor fucked up the vision test. i was right, davey has 20/20 vision. i'm sure i was probably legally blind by his age and my vision's only gotten worse since. i feel sort of like Bjork in 'Dancer in the Dark', but instead of saving for my son's eye surgery, i get to spend my money on better things. like webcams. BOOM! they should make a movie about me!

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