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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

jenny's instructions: round two

i bought a book of "instructions" by Yoko Ono over a year ago called Grapefruit, which then inspired me to write my own instructions, all of which i had personally tested myself.

well, i am inspired again...

stay in the shower until
a) your family forgets about you
b) you've sang an entire Beatles album
(make choice)

give the hitchhiker at the freeway entrance a smile and a big thumbs up everytime you pass him.
honk at him when he pretends he didn't see you.

while getting onto the city bus, instead of flashing your bus pass, flash a maxi pad. pretend you actually meant to do that, and scurry to the back of the bus with face in hands.

wear spiderman mask and stand out on the front porch midday.
when your mother pretends she doesn't know you, proceed to clog dance for passing cars.

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