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Sunday, October 23, 2005

that jenny, she's so dreamy

if anyone was looking for an opportunity to peek into my subconscious, here's my dreams from last night...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

first dream: chillin on the beach with Daniel...and one of the giant fruit guys from the Fruit of the Loom commercials. the sky looked all fake. we were all trying to think up something to dream about. i think i realized it was a dream, but i don't recall any more of it.

second dream : i was at this theatre. but instead of a play, there was supposedly celebrity gymnastics going on, and Paris Hilton was on the rings (the ones that are normally in men's gymnastics). the chick she was competing against apparently had a fight with her and dropped out of the competition, so they were looking for someone in the audience to stand in.

this lady and her little white dog volunteered. she resembled Camryn Manheim. she was wearing a white dress. she did an interpretive dance, slayed on the rings and won the competition. afterwards, i partied with the theater people. it was like i was old friends of theirs. we were sitting around and telling stories.

i was trying to play matchmaker with some of them and hooked up Cameron Diaz with some creepy stagehand. well, when everyone got drunk, the creepy stagehand started telling us how he killed all these people, like women and lots of children. when he described them, we all had these sort of flashbacks and could actually see him doing them.

he told us how he killed his dad when he was little and we all saw how he did it. he had this gun that looked like a toy, and he was in the car with his dad and little brother, and the babysitter. he and the sitter got out of the car at the post office, but he got back in and shot his dad in the head.

we were trying to act like we were still his buddies because we didn't want to be next, but as soon as he left, i followed him to this junkyard and beat the crap out of him with a shovel. the dude died and i tied him up in a trash bag.

a trash guy came by and i made small talk with him while i sneakily popped the bag with the dead dude in it (which for some reason was really lightweight) into the back of the trash man's truck.

:: end of dream sequence ::

i understand everything about this first dream except for the Fruit of the Loom dude. and i just watched Vanilla Sky last night (that movie slays, BTW), so that would account for the Cameron Diaz reference in the second dream.

but what the quack is up with the rest of it...

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