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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

office store dreams

had some retarded/weird/mildy interesting dreams last night. i know everyone is just dying to hear about them, so without futher ado...(drumroll)...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

was working at stupid office max, but it was sooooo much bigger, and there was some different asshole guy in charge that kept yelling at me. there were more people working there and 20 times the amount of customers that normally shop there.

flash forward a few days. the store changed managers and for some reason they moved most of the stuff out of the store and only carried a few things, like paper and pencils and pens and notebooks, etc, making the store about the size of my bedroom, with one register. everyone but me, some other dude and of course the new manager, was fired. we sat around all day contemplating whether we should move the store into the mall, since it was so small.

then i was in Staples, something to do with working at office max, i dunno, but i started complaining because in the middle of all the office supplies, there was one of those refridgerated food islands, like they keep the pre made sammiches in at the wal mart deli. i was yelling at them, because all they had in it was turkey. not sammiches, either. big whole turkeys. i was like, "not everybody likes turkey, y'know! you're descriminating against ham eaters!"

next dream. saw my old friend from high school in wal mart, she had gone completely bonkers, and apparently wal mart had valet parking, because i went to go get my car but i didn't know where it was parked and all the people doing the valet parking were having sex with each other in the parking lot.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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