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Saturday, October 08, 2005

the ongoing drama of jenny's subconscious

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

new orleans had been rebuilt. but instead of a city, it was being advertised that it had been changed into a giant theme park. everyone wanted to go, but were having a hard time getting in. i saw people in lines on foot waiting to get into the airports and bus stations to get to new orleans. so i hopped in line. dani and rachel were there. apparently people just got in line and were told whether they were going to fly to new orleans or take a bus. the line was moving past my house (which was not really my house now, but it was in the dream). people were trying to break in through my windows, so i had to get out of line and run back to pry them away from the windows. i had some kind of alarm system i rigged, hooked up to my stereo. i got back in line to find out we were flying to new orleans.

i don't remember the plane trip. it was almost as if we were beamed there. the theme park was based on the hurricane devistation whatnot. the city didn't look entirely different, there was still wrecked and flooded houses and buildings, the only difference being that now people were laughing and swimming around in it and having fun.

i think i just drove home after that. i don't know how my car got there, and for some reason it took only about 20 minute to drive from there back to virginia. i stopped by some house to show some kid the proper way to throw a boomerang, which didn't really look like a boomerang, but was chicken shaped. but it worked as a boomerang. i threw it too hard and it went down their chiminey. then i took off real fast in my car.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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