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Saturday, October 22, 2005

uncomfortably numb

sometimes i feel like just a pile or flesh and fat and meat. especially lately, when i try to sit down and write. it's as if my soul has gone on vacation and left the rest of me sitting here in front of my laptop. i'm just an indifferent body waiting for my personality to come back. i mean, really. these are the first ten thoughts that pop into my head:
  1. my hands hurt
  2. i should get more coffee
  3. what time is it
  4. sigh
  5. my toes are cold
  6. i should really go get some more coffee
  7. blink
  8. blink
  9. blink
  10. ...the sounds of the city sifting through trees, settle like dust on the shoulders of the ooooold friends....

see what i mean. and that last one wasn't even my own thought, i had to borrow it from simon and garfunkel because i was at a loss.

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