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Saturday, October 08, 2005

near disaster

i had just watched one of the greatest movies earlier this evening (I Heart Huckabees), taken a refreshing shower, sang a little. i was in a great mood for a change. i plopped down at my computer, checked my email, popped open Google Talk laptop started wigging out. it was like a nightmare. unreal. colors flashed and twitched. stripes. plaids. my lappy had gone mad.

i sat frozen for a good five minutes just watching it before i thought maybe i should try rebooting. nothing doing. i unplugged things, took out the battery, put the battery back in. i almost tried banging it against something but stopped myself. damn those violent impulses.

it cleared up for a few minutes after i turned it back on again. no lines, no flashing colors. it was tricking me, though. giving me a false sense of security before freaking out again. i was becoming convinced that my computer was possessed.

turns out, the screen is busted. i plugged a monitor up to it and all is good. lappy is not dead. yet. but now i've got even less space on this tiny desk, what with a mammoth monitor plopped in the middle of it. but i should be thankful that i still have a computer.

i can't complain. but sometimes i still do.

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