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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


for those of you that actually come to this blog on purpose...and, uh, aren't searching for something like "jenny mcarthey spit sex" or "alec balwin's oreos" (WTF, people, this is some creepy shit), i have made a SuprGlu page with all of the content from this blog, plus my poetry blog. so, if for some reason you don't like looking at the half nakies chick at the top of my blog (which, i think maybe is why anyone really looks at my writing in the first place, hah) or you don't like waiting around for the kajillion little pics and whatnot in my sidebars to load, go there. or just go there even if none of that crap pertains to you.

i think it's pretty neat-o mosquito. it's simple and not as entertaining to look at, but hey, you're getting two of my blogs in one, how can anyone complain about that?? anyone that has two or more blogs, i suggest trying SuprGlu out, so all those blogger-groupies that are stalking you don't have to overexert themselves clicking back and forth between your pages. it's totally free, and at the very least, it's something else to pass the time. at least a good three minutes.

(and thankies to the Daniel for the idea. i am such a copycat)

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