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Thursday, November 24, 2005


i went down to my cousin's for thanksgiving and spent the day with family. and all of the family's significant others. while everyone else was sitting and having a good ol' time with their husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend, i sat by myself in the living room for hours watching back to back episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. davey ditched me, for the most part, to play video games. funk dat.

but the macaroni was good. to me, thanksgiving isn't about turkey. it's all about the macaroni, the baked kind with cheddar cheesey crust on the top, mmm yums. my momma slays da mac.

davey has givin me his cold, so right now, i'm not only really full of macaroni, i'm also full of squishiness that keeps wanting to leak out of my nose. oooh, yeah, that's sexy. blahs.

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