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Friday, November 04, 2005

asshole commenters...

so this massive fucking retard seems to have nothing better to do than to leave a kajillion comments on my poetry blog and not leave any contact information. how lame is that. some little bastard telling me, based on my poetry, that i am apparently a slut, whore, yada yada ya, and a bad mother.

first of all, what kind of lame ass coward does that. maybe stupid teenagers that have nothing better to do than amuse themselves by ripping on other people because they have to make themselves feel better. and if it's not a teenager, it's some socially retarded asshole that never grew up.

either way, it makes me just want to write more angsty poetry, really. because it's my blog, i don't give a shit. if people don't like it, THEY DON'T HAVE TO FUCKING READ IT. i write my poetry for myself, but it's kinda neat when people leave nice and/or constructive criticism in the comments.

but leaving insulting comments on every fucking post, that's just childish.

:: UPDATE ::
this is just really creepy. whoever this is, they're obsessively reading my blogs all the fucking time. i'm sure they'll read this, so WHAT THE SHIT IS SO FASCINATING ABOUT ME?? i mean, sure, i write this stuff with the expectation that random people will read it, and inevitably judge me. but holy shit...this is just beyond me.

and they think i'm the one that needs medication...

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