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Saturday, November 19, 2005

dream: high school, benny hinn & ketchup

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i dreamed i was in high school, but was the same age i am now, and i went door to door to do this fundraiser, but instead of selling wrapping paper and cookies and whatnot, i was selling cups of coffee i had made and my poetry. i was still living in WA, with my parents. i went down the hill to where our old landlord normally lived, and i went up to the door and Benny Hinn opened it. he bought some coffee and a poem and sat there and talked with me for awhile and funny enough, he never once talked about god or religion, he was just some nice normal guy, it was weird. when i got home i was upset because i was selling the coffee in my coffee mugs instead of styrofoam cups like i had planned to, and Benny Hinn had just taken my Nightmare Before Christmas mug.

then i was back in school and i was skipping every class and hanging out in the cafeteria, which for some reason looked like a Costco, but with no one shopping. there was a janitor setting up MP3 players and stereos on shelves. i followed him around talking to him, and he asked me why i was never in class, and i told him i didn't see the point of going to class when i had already graduated from high school seven years ago.

then i guess i was at home, my parents had just got home from shopping at Costco...i mean the high school (???) and my dad got all upset because they had picked up a huge two pack of ketchup when there was already some in the pantry. i was looking in the refrigerator and said i saw a bottle of ketchup in the back of the top shelf in there, also. but i grabbed it to show them, and apparently it was really old because the ketchup had turned white. everyone started gagging.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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