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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

lots of dreams

it just doesn't feel natural remembering this many dreams from one night...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

first dream (is very hazy and vague).i remember driving around chasing some type of weird little car. i dunno what was so weird about it, just that it was not a normal car at all, and that it was very important that i catch it. then i was parked out front of a deserted movie theater at dusk. then i was in an underground parking lot. i got out of my car and a bomb went off.

next dream. i was in the mall, in Hot Topic. i had told my mom i was going to the theater to see a movie but i went to the mall to look for umbrellas instead. Hot Topic had a ton of umbrellas in the back. for some reason, there was no roof at the front corner of the store and it was raining in, really pouring. all the emplyees were standing under the hole in the roof, smoking and getting totally drenched. i saw a Little Mermaid dayplanner that i wanted. i looked at some christmas display they had and saw a coca cola bear music box thing that i bought for my mom. it was $27.

next dream. i was at home, chatting online and digging around in my closet at the same time. i found my mancala board in the back of my closet and got all excited for some reason, so i went to lappy and told the daniel, "i found my keyboard," and he says, "i thought you already found that," so i say, "i mean, i found my recorder," and he's like, "i thought you already found that, too." so finally i get it right and say i found my mancala board. but i realize that it doubles as a recorder (i dunno how) and i start playing songs on it.

then somehow, online, i had ordered our cat, a kitten. (???) i mean, Sandy was still here, it's just that somehow i was able to buy her like she was when she was a kitten. i walked by with it and big Sandy hissed at kitten Sandy. then i went into the kitchen with my mom, and our old cat, C.C. was sitting in there on the table. i put the kitten in front of him and he started rubbing up against it and licking it, and he let the kitten climb up on his back and sit on his neck.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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